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Thank you for visiting the Community Alliance Credit Union Medicare website designed to make learning about and shopping for Medicare programs easy and non-intrusive. It provides the power to compare a variety of plans and programs from almost all the carriers in the comfort of your home, even if your plan is not through us. If you get stuck or have any questions along the way, call one of our dedicated Medicare experts at 734-259-4614. As always, thank you for choosing Community Alliance Credit Union for all your financial service needs, now including Medicare! Your Guide to Medicare Success.

Our Medicare experts are waiting to answer general questions about Medicare or your specific plan, even if your plan is not with us. Our advice and knowledge are a resource that can be shared with anyone who wants to be informed about Medicare. Anyone can call our Medicare hotline during the business week for advice or to learn more about government healthcare.

Find a plan that fits your medical needs and budget by answering these questions.

Community Alliance Medicare team has access to all the companies and programs under Medicare in 42 states. The ability for you to compare plans, companies and rates from the comfort of your home allows you to choose the best possible program for you. Our team is standing by to help you fully understand your options as you enter this new terrain.

*Note - Not all of the company logos will be shown due to compliance/marketing restrictions from the insurance companies. To learn the company for the rate you are interested in (if not pictured), call us at 734-259-4614

*Find a plan that fits your medical needs and budget by answering these questions.
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